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5 reasons you need an HR consultant in your life

Our guest blogger Charlotte Pitts is Managing Director of The HR Consultants.  They are a partner of iXerv and help our clients in the progressive business category.  Here she talks about why you might need an HR consultant – even if you think you don’t.
Outsourcing decisions can be tricky for smaller progressive business owners.
When it comes to Human Resources, should you do it yourself or outsource it?
Many companies choose to build their own team, but for start-ups and small businesses, it isn’t always practical to add an HR professional to their payroll, and even for those who could, there are many extra benefits to outsourcing your HR – here are five reasons you should consider it:

1 Win back your time

Add up the time you’re spending on HR admin, hiring, performance management, responding to queries from your team and Googling employment law questions and remember you’re an expensive resource. Could your time be better spent on your business planning and strategy?

2 Know your business is compliant

Employment law is complex and ever-changing. Whether it’s understanding your obligations in relation to maternity leave or new changes to pension laws, outsourcing your HR protects you from potential fines and lawsuits that have the potential to sink your business completely. That’s not even touching on the impact of having disgruntled employees.

3 Cost efficiency

Outsourcing your HR is often considered a luxury because it’s assumed to be more expensive, when often it’s the most cost-effective method of covering your HR needs, especially for smaller businesses. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to increase the services you use, or reduce your costs depending on what you need over time.

4 Cover yourself against liability

Difficult conversations with employees are unfortunately a necessary part of business. Whether you’re discussing poor performance or inappropriate conduct, you need an HR professional present when holding those conversations to protect everyone involved.
Mishandling a termination can result in a wrongful termination legal battle, and even if you end up winning, the time, money and stress spent fighting, often simply isn’t worth it. Outsourcing to a HR expert means that they can prepare for a difficult conversation, provide legal advice and ensure you are completely covered against any liabilities.

5 Bring in greater experience

It’s easy to want to cut some corners when building a business, but sometimes you need expert advice on a highly specialised topic. Outsourcing avoids the risk of any gaps in knowledge causing problems and brings wider experience and objectivity.

I hope I’ve given you something to think about today and helped dispel some myths about our industry.
If you would like to discuss your HR needs and how The HR Consultants can help free you from people admin to focus on your business goals, contact us today..

Charlotte Pitts is Managing Director of The HR Consultants, an independent firm based in the UK.  She has over 20 years experience in HR management.

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