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Punch Is

Enterprise grade sophistication, simplified.

Progressive businesses want & need to attract, retain, and develop the best talent in their market. They need solid foundations for simple HR & Payroll operational efficiency as well as Industry & Country-based compliance and Talent Management. To meet these demands, PUNCH is a comprehensive Cloud Platform from iXerv that empowers Business leaders, Managers, Employees and HR professionals to succeed.

So many people are bewildered by Software Companies’ modules & licensing. We make it nice and simple. You can start with just the modules you need and add others when you need them as you need them. Over the course of time (which can be just weeks if you want to go at it fast) we can build out technology support for your complete Employee Lifecycle. And if there are other technologies you want to keep, we can integrate with them too.

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    iXerv is dedicated to supporting progressive businesses that seek consolidation, transformation and growth. iXerv helps businesses transform and grow their talent acquisition, development and performance built on a strong Core HR & Payroll foundation.

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