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The Immersive Workplace Experience where everyone thrives

more than an Employee Experience Platform

What is connEXions?

  1. Connect Leadership to Employees with a social feed
  2. Connect Employees to one another and let them thrive
  3. Connect Employees to all their systems in one go
  4. Understand and underpin Wellbeing, DE&I
  5. Give Employees a Voice with Surveys & Feedback
  6. Enable Help – socially and with a digital Help Desk
  7. Give your Policies real meaning & fill Policy gaps fast

Benefit from Leadership – Employee – Company digital Social interaction that enables everyone to thrive. Share content & enable social, expert  help. Industry leading advice on Wellbeing and DE&I for all.  Give employees a voice and gain insight to their world through surveys.

101 also includes a repository for all your Policies and key Documents across the business and Universal Search across the whole Platform to make access simple to both people and content easy for everyone


News, Events,
Celebrations, Recognition,
Birthdays, New Joiners
The way you reflect your culture


Social connection and
easy employee Look up
Chat, sharing files,
pictures, comments and more

Ease of use

One Hub, single sign on
to all systems.
Hot links for frequently
used processes

We all need help when we’re working. Help in a wide ranging number of ways.  With remote working it can be hard to find the right help from established experts.  connEXions help works the way we need it to – Socially and organisationally

Ask Anyone

Find and Ask an ‘Expert’

‘Ask me Anything’ for Leaders

Helpdesk & Ticketing (integrate if you have one already)

Workflow Automation


Self generated documents

It has never been more important to understand, manage & support Wellbeing, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  Our Toolkits and Content help you deliver the environment to thrive and protect the business from Risk

Diagnostics for Wellbeing

Diagnostics for DE&I

Create your own Diagnostics

Library of ‘good practise’ content and policies for Wellbeing

Library of ‘good practise’ content and policies for DE&I

No more getting lost in a ‘Content Management Repository’

Maximise effectiveness of your policies and key documents with ‘Extra Policies and Docs.’  Create them fast, make them easy to find & check that people have seen them when you need to

Commonly used Policies as Boilerplates….we’re adding more all the time

Policy builder – create from scratch or personalise from our Boilerplates

Deep content search in addition to Universal key word Search

Policy & Document ‘sign offs’

Give your Employees their Voice – then act.

Extra Feedback expands on connEXions 101 with pre-built Surveys and Polls and gives you the means to personalise everything….or simply create your own with our Survey builder

Boilerplate Pulse Surveys for immediate use

Create your own or adapt a Boilerplate

Target Surveys & Polls

Short and Long form options to test temperature or gather broad insight

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iXerv is dedicated to supporting progressive businesses with leaders who are committed to their People as a path to achieve consolidation, transformation and growth. iXerv helps you create the best experience for your employees and the means to acquire, develop, manage and reward in the way that gives you competitive edge.

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