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Punch Is

Enterprise grade sophistication, simplified.

Progressive businesses want & need to attract, retain, and develop the best talent in their market. They need solid foundations for simple HR & Payroll operational efficiency as well as Industry & Country-based compliance and Talent Management. To meet these demands, PUNCH is a comprehensive Cloud Platform from iXerv that empowers Business leaders, Managers, Employees and HR professionals to succeed.

So many people are bewildered by Software Companies’ modules & licensing. We make it nice and simple. You can start with just the modules you need and add others when you need them as you need them. Over the course of time (which can be just weeks if you want to go at it fast) we can build out technology support for your complete Employee Lifecycle. And if there are other technologies you want to keep, we can integrate with them too.

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    Punch is sophisticated enterprise grade
    technology that we have simplified and made
    easier to adopt with Industry Brilliant Basics
    including Dashboards and more


    Punch is sophisticated enterprise
    grade technology that we
    have simplified and made
    easier to adopt with Industry
    Brilliant Basics including
    Dashboards and more


    Punch Connect

    Punch Connect is everyone’s access into the Punch Platform. It connects every Employee, Manager, Executive and Administrator to Punch and other systems they need to use, Connects everyone together socially and enables you and the Company to connect with Employees as you reflect your Culture

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    The Brilliant Basics

    • Experience – Automation for HR and easily used Self Service for your managers and staff on any device.
    • Productivity – Putting in place the brilliant basics of managing your workforce to minimise the worksheets, e-mails, data confusion, process inconsistencies and manual effort.
    • Compliance –  Company and Legislative compliance built in
    • Experience –  Quick and easy for staff and mangers on any device
    • Productivity –  Apply your policies to capture time through clocking or timesheets for approval against schedules and contracts.
    • Compliance – Your rules applied automatically so that you can manage by exception
    • Experience –  Designed for Payroll specialists, automating wherever possible and delivering Employee Payslips and Country specific outputs through Self Service
    • Productivity –  Exploiting Punch Core HR to achieve the build to gross – using Punch Payroll to calculate to net, right every time, or integrate with the Payroll of your choice
    • Compliance –  Country Payroll legislation delivered with each Country localisation

    The Basics of Compensation are comfortably handled in Core HR but where you want to extend beyond that, our Advanced Compensation and Benefits module comes into its own for:

    • Creating and cascading Salary and other pay element increases through the business (amounts and % raises) – probably aligned to performance.
    • Modelling different Bonus, Commission and salary schemes….creating ‘what ifs’ and then implementing them.
    Existing Templates

    e-mail, notifications, forms & more

    Prebuilt Workflows
    Covers the full hire to retire lifecycle

    Dashboards & Analytics

    Systems provide three core capabilities in the modern age of Cloud:
    1. Processes that streamline work and ensure that data is collected as simply as Possible.
    2. Collaboration enabling employees and managers to work, all together, in ways that enhance engagement and effectiveness.
    3. Providing high quality data in meaningful ways that provides the insight needed for decision making

    Punch delivers comprehensive People Analytics with the Brilliant Basics. A large number of Dashboards and graphical reports come as standard for each module and also combine data across modules. Punch also includes inbuilt technology for you to create Analytics yourself.

    sustainable development

    Building a talent culture

    • Experience – Making it quick and easy for everyone involved (Candidates, Recruitment & Hiring managers) to hire the best, fast.
    • Productivity – Building in your best practise to streamline the jo urney for everyone
    • Compliance – Automate what has to happen & when
    • Experience – Keeping your new hires as motivated as the day they signed…right from the day they sign….even before their day 1.
    • Productivity – Seamlessly moving new hires into the business to ensure they deliver value in the minimum of time
    • Compliance – Making sure all the Company and Legislative boxes get ticked
    • Experience – Online and mobile collaboration for Staff and th eir managers that is clear and transparent
    • Productivity – Keeping Performance management simple and meaningful – Traditional, Continuous, Social & 360 °
    • Compliance – Delivering the consistent approach that underpins your culture
    • Experience – Delivering simple ways for everyone to achieve their potential
    • Productivity – Assure the business with Critical Role planning, High Pot. progression and embed your culture of career development to support staff engagement
    • Compliance – Providing equal opportunity for all
    • Experience – An easy place for motivated staff go in order to learn from materials and from one another. Kept simple for the times staff have to be trained. On any device, of course.
    • Productivit y – Integrated with Performance and Succession to deliver the Training and Learning your people need to deliver value and perform.
    • Compliance – Administer training to assure quality, legislation and Industry regulations

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    iXerv is dedicated to supporting progressive businesses that seek consolidation, transformation and growth. iXerv helps businesses transform and grow their talent acquisition, development and performance built on a strong Core HR & Payroll foundation.

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