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Simplified Sophistication

The secret and the difference of Punch is that we take the Sophistication of Enterprise grade (SuccessFactors and other Technologies) and simplifythem with Pre-built configurations, Templates& Workflows that dramatically accelerate your set up.  All making use of Industry Best Practices that we simply call The Brilliant Basics.

But that leaves plenty of Software that could still be used – more configurations, changed configurations, integrations, specific Workflows (vs standard) and more.

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During the tens of thousands of hours iXerv has spent implementing SAP SuccessFactors for clients around the world and associated integrations, all of them progressive, many of them 100s or a few thousand employees, iXerv gathered a deep understanding of both the sophistication of SuccessFactors and the ways to simplify and deliver pre-built implementations.


Breaking the barriers


As progressive businesses grow, administration builds, more people processes (the brilliant basic ones) are needed and more people information is needed. The need for engagement strategies also builds as headcount growth threatens to distance leaders from those on the ground.

If HR operations remain substantially manual and or rely on limited systems or processes rely on Spreadsheets and e-mails, the cost of HR exponentially rises and the ability to underpin people growth operationally and strategically is put at risk. Gaps open up.


Punch Extensions


Punch Extensions pulls in our Professional Services expertise to extend beyond Standard to ensure the precise fit you need.  We compare what you need with what is standard and extensions fill the gaps.

And this also means that you only pay for the software you use and you don’t waste your money on capabilities you may never get to or won’t get to until later.

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