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The people system for Progressive Mid-sized Businesses

A Sophisticated HCM / HRIS with the Brilliant Basics to achieve a fast start

Your journey with Punch

An HCM / HRIS (Full suite or single module)
that enables you to focus on People Strategy and
underpin your ‘Great place to work’

Analyse your process & tech maturity

Full functionality and
4 Key Services for Success

1. Strategy, Plans & Change Management

2. System Implementation

3. Data, Migration, cut-over and ‘hyper-care’

4. Continued support and managed enhancements to achieve your best practise

Pre-configured Brilliant Basics that accelerate implementation for
mid-size businesses

You can focus time and resources on what
makes the difference.

Start at speed with the power of SuccessFactors made more consumable for progressive Mid-sized businesses

iXerv has added pre-configured Processes, Workflows, Notifications, Alerts, Dashboards and Analytics – You start further ahead in your journey with our ‘Brilliant Basics’

…designed to ensure that we all
focus on the things that make your
business unique. That’s where we spend the time – where we Expand with you…

Your unique needs matter.

So we start with your data your structures and the foundation
for your People System

Then we zero in on expanding the Brilliant Basics to create the
Process, Information and User Experience fit that gives you a
competitive edge

And it has to fit into your existing technical environment

We review all the points of connection and integration needed to ensure your HCM is truly your
‘Single Version of the Truth’

With you we define integration with all other systems that need to be fed or need to feed your HCM.

Standard methods and
technologies – each unique in the detail for each Client. For us it’s just a typical day at the office.

The secret to having your cake and eating it

Are you ready to talk? Get in touch with us.

iXerv is dedicated to supporting progressive businesses with leaders who are committed to their People as a path to achieve consolidation, transformation and growth. iXerv helps you create the best experience for your employees and the means to acquire, develop, manage and reward in the way that gives you competitive edge.

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