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QED: PBs make the best talent

Progressive Businesses (PBs) find and keep the best staff & managers – here’s why:

Last week I had a conversation with George. 

George took a risk and resigned from her “rather dull employer” in 2020 (with no other job to go to) because she felt it was sucking the life out of her.  She saw little chance of realising her potential.  “We only get one life, right?” she said.  Many of us have been there. 

Tempted as she was to give details in her expected ‘exit interview’ (that never actually happened) she realised there would be little point because nothing would change anyway.  No matter what anyone said, the past 2 ½ years had demonstrated that no one would really pay attention, let alone respond to the points she made.  Her Top 3 gripes were:

1) Process for the sake of it – Annual Performance Management a classic case in point.  A process that seemed to be designed to ‘force’ mediocre scores and have no consequence in compensation or personal development plan. 

2) Processes (many of them mirky and out-dated) that got in the way of her serving the Customers who put trust in her 

3) A Manager who ticked most of the boxes (some of them rather ineptly tbh) but critically showed little sign of care or interest in her achievements, her ambitions or her potential. 

So George, talented in so many ways, but needing development in so many others, resigned and decided to find a progressive employer instead. 

Here’s the definition she came up with for a Progressive Business (PB):

So George and I are looking for PBs that have some of the following attributes: 

What do you think?  We’d love to hear your ideas – get in touch.


James Bennett is Chief Revenue Officer for iXerv Global has worked in HR and HR systems technology for over three decades in various sectors.  He is based in the UK

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